Paint Your Own Ceramics (Pottery)

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Pottery Painting by appointment only… Call 561-737-2600 or text 561-371-1009.  Choose from our selection of bisque – Mugs, Bowls, Plates, Platters, Pet Bowls, Cookie Jars, Pitchers, Figurines, Picture Frames, Dishes and Kitchenware and fun Seasonal items for the holidays.

Let’s get creative! We have stencils, stamps, stickers too! Choose from a wide selection of glaze or grab some acrylic paint along with a few brushes, sponges or detailers and get to work on creating your very own masterpiece.

Once you are satisfied with your creation hand it over to be kiln-fire and VOILA! You’ve got a vibrant, shiny and ready to use creation.

To join us, click here and check out our calendar.


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