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Loving life enriched with art and balanced with creativity.  I teach art classes in my studio in Florida and also online all over the world!  I love to travel and just be, where ever I am. 

ArtSea Living is a lifestyle, art is your medium! Find your artist within and enJOY your masterpiece!  Join me.

Let it be, Empath!

For years, I was the fixer.  The person that would try to make it all better for anyone and everyone near me.  Lifting others up.  As you spoke to me, my first thought would be to listen.  I’d try that,

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Everyone deserves a fanfare!

Somedays I just wake up in a funk.  Yes, I wake in grateful moods, but sometimes I just can’t!  Everyone has stuff they are dealing with and things that they wish they could change about their lives. It’s just human

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My very first living artsea blog post

  I am a lover of creativity & seeker of adventure.  A hippie chick that lives for lifting up women & entrepreneurs. An empath that loves LOVE.  A rose colored glasses wearing woman that believes God speaks to me through