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CLAY Ornaments Hand Building Class 5p-7p – December Clay Class

Dive right in! Get immersed in ART! Learn the basic elements of clay hand building in this fun and hands-on class at ArtSea Living Studio in downtown Boynton Beach, Florida. This will be the definition of “getting your hands dirty”!  All supplies are included and absolutely NO EXPERIENCE necessary. Create one of a kind ornaments or ANY sculpture you’d like!

In this class you will pound the air bubbles out of clay, roll it out smoothly, cut out different shapes, embellish them with designs, textures, lace imprints, or use the coil method to create your structure. 


       CLAY CLASS. Clay Hand Building Art Class at ArtSea Living Studio in Boynton Beach Florida  


Process: With our guidance, you‘ll hand-build your clay sculptures during this 2 hour class. You’ll leave your clay items at our studio for 1 week so they may dry, harden, and then we’ll fire them in our kiln. We’ll call you when they are ready and you may either pick them up and take them home (as is)  -OR- you may come back in and use our pottery glaze paint ($20 fee) to decorate them, and then we’ll fire them again to make them nice and colorful and shiny! 

This class gets a little messy so leave your jewelry (rings & bracelets) at home, and please wear closed toe shoes. 

Pease note, clay items are fragile and may be subject to breakage. But fear not, we’ll provide you with plenty of instruction and recommendations to help you create sturdy pieces that will turn out great. 

Minimum number of attendees (in order to conduct class): 3