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Junk Jewelry Christmas Tree, Menorah, Heart (Any Shape) 5p-7p

How precious and thoughtful is this? Are you holding on to old “junk jewelry”, having no idea what you’re ever going to do with it? AREN’T WE ALL! 🤣 Here is the solution! Turn your old jewelry and small trinkets into a piece of canvas art. You can arrange your jewelry in any shape you desire. If you want something to display during the Holiday Season, go with a Christmas Tree or Menorah shape! If you want to display your jewelry art year-around, go with a heart, hamsa or peace sign shape! Start thinking about the shape you want and we’ll help you achieve  it! We’ve been scheduling this class every holiday season for 20 years now, and it is definitely a crowd (and staff) favorite! It’s wonderful to hear everyone sharing stories about where their “junk” came from. We learn a lot about each other in this class…. We can’t help but to take a stroll down memory lane, and it’s always a GREAT TIME! Join us for this memorable Mixed Media Junk Jewelry Class at ArtSea Living in Boynton Beach, Florida.



Required: Junk Jewelry & Trinkets to use and share (if you have extra, the word on the street is that sharing is a nice thing to do) 😏 

Preferred: Hot glue gun, glue & extension cord. If you can’t get your hands on these, we have some in the studio. We’ll work with what we’ve got!

Optional: Old Ornate Wood {stable} Frame- We will have paint available, if needed. If you want to go frameless, that’s OK too. 

Optional: Canvas/Board- We will supply you with a 16″ x 20″ canvas. IF you want another size canvas, or need another size canvas in order for it to fit into your frame, you’ll need to bring your own.

Optional: Fabric- We will supply the fabric (soft black or blue velvet), however, if you want to bring your own fabric, please do!


Additional Information

Minimum # of attendees in order to conduct class: 3 

Sign up online (below), or by phone @ 561-737-2600.