Ceramic Host Serving Tray w/ Handles



12 ⅛" x 6" W x ⅜" H

Product Description:

The Good Host Tray is built to be very sturdy, and it comes with handle hardware. It is designed to look chic and modern, and the handles come off easily as they are designed like cabinet handles. The tray is also made to be reversible with the flat handles, so it can be a traditional tray or a nice, raised tray, depending on your needs!

This wonderful ceramicware piece is part of our Ammie Williams designer line of products. Ammie is an expert artist, and she has a keen eye for design. She makes it her mission to ensure that every bisqueware piece she invents can be decorated in a myriad of ways while being both functional and beautiful!

So, take your bisqueware stock up a stylish notch, and add some gorgeous and unique designer pottery to your shelves! Your artists will be drawn to this eye-catching and unique ceramicware designed by a true artist, so be sure to add this piece to your cart today!

I am honored and thrilled to share the Ammie Y'all bisque line with you and your customers! My goal with this line is to create staple pieces that look gorgeous painted with any glaze and in any design so that each customer can create something that is perfectly unique to them. The line is modern, trendy, fun, chic, and playful. It's asking you to throw a cocktail party for your friends, to buy that houseplant you've been eyeing, and splash a little bourbon in your morning coffee. My hope is that I've created functional art that your customers will delight in painting and your staff can't wait to sell. – Ammie Williams

All kits include the ceramic(s) or project of choice, up to 5 ceramic paint pods per item, and one paintbrush per kit. The listed price INCLUDES studio fees.

Step 1: Choose Your Ceramic(s)

Step 2: Choose up to 5 colors.

Step 3: We will contact you when your ArtSea Pottery-to-Go is ready for pick up.

Step 4: Bring Us Your Painted Masterpieces for glazing and firing.

Step 5: We will call you when your creation(s) are ready to be picked up. 🙂

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