Ceramic Lucky Love Clover Shamrock Mug



3" Dia x 5" H (8 Ounces)

Product Description:

Lao Tzu, famous ancient Chinese philosopher and writer once said, “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”

The fact is that everybody needs love, and what better way to express that to your studio customers than to offer them the Lucky Love Mug! Your artists will have a blast decorating this mug for their friends, spouses, and family members. This mug makes the perfect gift, so it’ll be a popular choice from your shelves.

The design of the Lucky Love Mug is elegantly simple with a narrow cylindrical base that widens to a still-narrow mouth. The handle is big and wide for easy gripping, and the word “love” is embossed on one side in a gaelic font. The letter “O” is replaced with a four-leaf clover to ensure the best luck.

The great thing about this mug is that artists of every skill level will have a great time decorating this beautiful bisqueware piece! Kids and adults will reach for this delightfully Irish mug.

So, give your PYOP Studio artists the gift of love with the Lucky Love Mug! This magnificent mug is bound to be a top choice in your studio, so make sure to add it to your cart today!

Available for in-studio painting or in-store pickup for to-go painting.

All kits include the ceramic(s) or project of choice, up to 5 ceramic paint pods per item, and one paintbrush per kit. The listed price INCLUDES studio fees. 

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