Ceramic Uptown Love Mug


4 ½” Dia x 3 ½” H (16 Ounces)

Product Description:
The Uptown Love Mug has a classic and uncomplicated design with a broad mouth, unique trapezoidal shape and wide base, and an easy-to-grip handle. The word “love” is debossed on the side of this quality hand-poured piece of bisque in a chic, lowercase cursive font, and Cupid’s arrow integrates into the text with the fletching forming the beginning of the “l” and the arrowhead emerging from the final curve of the “e”. This traditional coffee cup makes for a lovely gift for the stylish in your life and looks great on any desk or kitchen counter!

The word “Uptown” is often associated with a more chic and fashion-forward section of a city. This snazzy pottery piece is simple enough to be functional but trendy enough to act as a swanky decoration in any modern home or upscale New York flat!

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