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When asked “why did you open ArtSea Living?” Barb responds with an encouraging explanation. 
I believe every woman experiences a time in her life where she feels stifled and finds herself longing for deeper meaning. As she sheds her old identities, a masterpiece emerges and she’s no longer interested in fleeting titles or material possessions.  She embraces creativity as a catalyst for her expansion, she becomes free and that is ArtSea Living. 
I have always been an entrepreneur. When I was a young girl, my Dad wanted to sell his old jalopy for $300. I asked, If I sold it for $500, could I keep the difference? After I sold his car I purchased art supplies. This started my life long love of being an Artisan-Entrepreneur.
When I was in my late teens I embellished clothes and sold them to high end boutiques. Tie-dye, lace, ribbons, rhinestones, painted fabric and more. Word got out and I began selling to more shops. I started doing craft fairs and that was a big success.  
Marriage and three kids later, I was still happily creating. Fast forward 20 years, my marriage came to an end. I was distraught and needed something to raise me up. I remember thinking… Wow, I am now alone, single again, with three children and I have no idea who I am and what to do with my life. For a while I tried different avenues, but I couldn’t pull myself out of the funk. One day I picked up my journal and started painting in it. Every day that went by, I created something. Whether it was jewelry making, baking, gardening or mixed media in my art  journal, that was my saving grace that brought me back to my true self. I realized that the more I created, the better I felt.  I started selling to shops again.
My divorce was final in 2003 and I decided to open my business the same year. With a grand idea, a big heart and lots of prayer, my first location was opened.  In no time I expanded into the next bay, so I could hold art classes, exhibits & camps in Boynton Beach. I always wanted an art studio near me, so I opened one! From that experience, I realized my passion was to help others get creative for their happiness, health and wellbeing! It truly turned my life around. I vowed to live a full out ArtSea life!

Later, my oldest daughter Samantha came to work with me. She is an amazing artist herself and is now thriving in this environment. Art heals! We bear witness to this on a daily basis. Sami and I believe that everyone is creative. We were born with an innate ability to create. Unfortunately we lose this ability, so we say things like “I do not have a creative bone in my body”.
There is a process to getting your creativity back. It has been buried deep by self doubt, critical thinking and the need for perfection. It is there, just waiting to come out and play.

We are blessed to have both Emma & Aileen, who are college students, working with us! Both extremely talented and amazing artists!
 Your creative soul is calling YOU now!  Answer it, it will enhance your life with so many gifts, balance and beauty!
We hope to meet you soon on your creative journey!

Since 2003, ArtSea Living has served the South Florida area, for all ages, as a multifunctional Art Studio & Boutique Gallery.

Our Studio offers unique art classes, art camps, private parties & events in person and online. Pottery, Canvas & Wine Glass Painting are available for walk-in’s as well as appointments! Check our calendar to make sure we are available or give us a call!

Our Boutique Gallery offers ART, apparel, jewelry, accessories, home decor, gifts & handmade items. ArtSea Living is more than an Art Studio! 

Mission Statement

ArtSea Living seeks to design a masterpiece of a life for both the curator and the fashion conscious, merging the boundary between style trends, beauty and living creatively. Cultivating an environment that nurtures originality and being surrounded by everything artistic, while experiencing exceptional customer service is our mission.