Class Description

Class Descriptions


We provide all the supplies you’ll need to make your own mosaic masterpiece! Or you can bring your own glass & tiles. You choose from one of our plaque designs, we’ll show you how to cut and arrange the glass (don’t worry, it’s a lot easier than it sounds!) This is a 2-Day Createfest! So, after your glue dries from Day 1, you will return to choose the grout color to finish your piece with and once your finished you can take it home. Functional art – WOOHOO!

*Larger projects you may have homework!

Mixed Media

Explore your Personal Palette of colors that resonate with you. Layer after layer, color on top of color, beautiful papers, sheet music, old pages from a book… We will tell your story with collage in this work at your own pace class. This can be created in your art journal, on a canvas or on a board. Anything and everything is possible in this intuitive Storytelling with Collage class.

Clay Handbuilding

Handbuilding is an ancient pottery-making technique that involves creating forms without a pottery wheel, using the hands, fingers, and simple tools. The most common handbuilding techniques are pinch pottery, coil building, and slab building. In our classes we create functional art from slabs.The finished clay must dry in studio 7-10 days before firing. There will be an additional fee if you would like to return to paint and refire with glaze

Paint Your Own Ceramics

Choose from our selection of bisque – Mugs, Bowls, Plates, Platters, Pet Bowls, Cookie Jars, Pitchers, Figurines, Picture Frames, Dishes and Kitchenware and fun Seasonal items for the holidays.

Let’s get creative! We have stencils, stamps, stickers too! Choose from a wide selection of glaze or grab some acrylic paint along with a few brushes, sponges or detailers and get to work on creating your very own masterpiece.

Private Lesson

One hour of one on one learning to be a Creative. Many mediums to pick from. Try them all to see which one resonates with you. All supplies included. $60/hour

Wine Glass Painting

Glass Painting… Let’s get creative with Glass! You choose either a wine glass, vase or bring a bottle (labels already taken off) and learn techniques for brushing images on glassware – peacock feathers, flowers, twisting branches, or anything else your imagination can come up with.

Art Journaling

The  journaling class you will learn how to alter an old book to create your substrate for ART JOURNALING or use a mixed media art book. In this class you will use mixed media to create each page. You may use recycled items such as papers from magazines, brochures, patterned paper, music sheets, envelopes, packaging, brown paper bags, maps, greeting cards, postcards, doilies, to name a few. After you have taken the initial class, you can join us in the ARTist Journaling Club!

Seashell Mixed Media 

In this class you pick out your shells or bring your own. Design your canvas with our idea or yours. You will use paint, shells, glue and seaglass.

Paint & Sip 

HAPPY HOUR PAINTING CLASS… Bring your wine (or whatever) and let’s paint! All supplies included. Come paint an abstract or a chosen design and follow step by step or create your own masterpiece!In