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Welcome to LivingArtSea Blog!  We are so happy you are here. Grab some tea or wine, put your feet up and maybe, just maybe this will inspire you to Create YOUr Masterpiece!

ArtSea Living – To Balance Life’s Masterpiece with a Sea of Creativity, while Nurturing Our Soul’s Calling. 

I believe every woman experiences a time in her life where she feels stifled and finds herself longing for deeper meaning. As she sheds her old identities, a masterpiece within emerges and she’s no longer interested in fleeting titles or material possessions, because she’s empowered by her soul’s calling. As fear wanes in the distance and she embraces creativity as a catalyst for her expansion, she becomes free and that is ArtSea Living!        ~Barb Lentz

ArtSea Studios is the Talk of Boynton Beach Creative Circles

Imagine yourself with the personal β€œme” time to spend creating something beautiful in a sunny art studio with all the supplies you desire at your fingertips. Imagine your friends laughing alongside you, showing off their beautiful new designs – something

Let it be, Empath!

For years, I was the fixer.  The person that would try to make it all better for anyone and everyone near me.  Lifting others up.  As you spoke to me, my first thought would be to listen.  I’d try that,

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Everyone deserves a fanfare!

Somedays I just wake up in a funk.  Yes, I wake in grateful moods, but sometimes I just can’t!  Everyone has stuff they are dealing with and things that they wish they could change about their lives. It’s just human

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My very first living artsea blog post

  I am a lover of creativity & seeker of adventure.  A hippie chick that lives for lifting up women & entrepreneurs. An empath that loves LOVE.  A rose colored glasses wearing woman that believes God speaks to me through