Have you ever wondered if you could do artwork remotely? Remote art classes in today’s tech society is not only actually possible, but fun! There are so many ways to attend virtual art classes, and now that we are being forced to stay home for a while, it can be a very healing and can also reduce anxiety. If you are interested in taking virtual art classes, a wonderful art studio in Boynton Beach, Florida, ArtSea Living, is here for you. ArtSea Living, owned and operated by Barb Lentz since 2003, has held regular, in-studio art classes for both children and adults in mediums such as: clay sculpting, mosaic creation (beginner to advanced), clay hand building, ceramic painting, mixed media, storytelling collage, and more. Now we are happy to offer these art classes both virtually and are coming soon to the Boynton Beach Cultural Art Center. The online classes Barb teaches are done via a software called Teachable, which is really easy to attend! Check out our long calendar of inspirational programs at www.artsealiving.com.

ArtSea Living is a Great Venue to Unwind and Create, Online or in Town!

If you’re feeling worried, anxious, tired, or just looking to nourish your creative side, ArtSea Living Studio is for you. Have you wondered how to learn an artistic skill like ceramics online? Well, art can still be achieved at a distance! As Florida and other residents search for activities while being homebound, ArtSea Living offers ways to participate in creative community activities. We have a wonderful menu of classes that will empower you as you develop your creative intelligence and your artistic skills. Our classes offer a great way to socialize and find a fun, supportive group. If you are interested in doing projects at home, ArtSea Living can offer you a take-home art kit in your favorite medium. What better way to pass family time while waiting out this crazy Coronavirus, than to make a pick-up appointment with Barb to get an ArtSea box in ceramics, craft projects, mixed-media, and more?!

ArtSea Living Digital Studio Time

Since studio time is going to be limited for a while, it’s important to limit in-person studio time, but that doesn’t have to mean limiting your creative time! It is a great time to engage in a fun, at-home activity with your family. An art package can be just the right way to pass time, focus on a lovely project, and improve your mood. No matter where you create art, you are able to express your curiosities and interest in any artistic expression of your choice. Barb will soon offer virtual instructional videos with your packages so that you can create any time! Between virtual art classes and soon-to-be located at the Boynton Beach Cultural Art Center, you can have the experience of coming in person and also creating art digitally.

Normally located at 412 East Ocean Ave. Studio #1, Boynton Beach, FL 33435, classes are also open by appointment, online, and coming to the Boynton Beach Art & Cultural District. Text Barb at 561-371-1009 with questions or reach Barb at babs@artsealiving.com. ArtSea Living Studio is looking forward to continuing to serve the public and warmly welcoming you to the best art classes!