Somedays I just wake up in a funk.  Yes, I wake in grateful moods, but sometimes I just can’t!  Everyone has stuff they are dealing with and things that they wish they could change about their lives. It’s just human nature to not be perfectly happy and content with every single aspect, every single minute.  Sometimes life just sucks. Temporarily sucks, but sucks nonetheless! Wouldn’t it be great if you could just snap yourself out of the funk and move forward? However, I do buy into the notion that we have to feel the lows so we know when we are feeling the highs.  The greatness. The best of the best! There are big challenges and little challenges that need to be addressed in our everyday life. Giving yourself a win to start your day is like jump starting what your day could or will look like.

“Everyone deserves a fanfare”  said my guy Nick to me this morning, after we simultaneously patted each other on the back like a Grateful Dead drum roll, during a hug.  He’s right, ya know?  We all deserve a drumroll, to be acknowledged, even if it’s by one’s own admission.   A Self-proclaimed attaboy! I often feel that if I give myself a “win” it snowballs into more wins.  I don’t crave it however, it’s just a good feeling and can sometimes point you in the right direction.

Start your day out with something that you know you will accomplish and than move onto the harder things in life.  Get one under your belt! For instance a great cup of coffee, a workout, a phone call to an uplifting friend, an easy task on your todo list.  So, why don’t we get it done and do it well? Go for the simple win to shift your attitude.

Giving a fanfare feels good too. Be a reflection of what you’d like to receive. It is universal law that you reap what you sow. Like attracts like, so why not acknowledge others. In our politically charged world today to simply tell someone they did a great job would be a really nice change! Drumroll please!


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