At ArtSea Living Studio, the August and fall calendar  is filling up with FUN activities and classes!   It has me thing about the importance of GATHERING with friends and family and reminding me of it’s importance!  During a particularly isolating season of years it became abundantly clear to  all of us how much we missed GATHERING TOGETHER.  For me , it wasn’t just  the fun of it that was missed.  My overall wellness, Mind, Body and Spirit depend on it.

I love to GATHER friends and family TOGETHER to eat, play , laugh and just BE.  It is my love language.

As part of the ArtSea Living team, I get to see groups of two or more, happy and relaxed sharing time with each other, painting and CREATING memories.  So, GATHER TOGETHER!  Plan a  family excursion to Artsea Living Studio

Gather the kids and come to ArtSea Living Studio for a break from the mundane. Paint and create!  A great way to spend family time together!  Whether you’re vacationing from out of town or live down the road, time with our families and friends is precious.  Book time with family or drop in at Artsea Living Studio! You’ll be glad u did.

P.S.  I’m thinking ahead to fall when I get  to celebrate another trip around the sun. Yeah! I know where I will be Gathering Together.

xo Elle,  ArtSea Living Team


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