Doom & gloom vs. happy & balanced was my thought pattern, until I figured it out. It took going through a lot of doom & gloom, to arrive at happy & balanced. Learning how to find balance in life can be a long process. However, it is attainable. Loving my life has been my goal for years. When I first started, I had to remind myself, alot. How about you? Reminding myself that my attitude is a choice that I am making. Waking up grateful & happy to get to start again, is a gift. Also I try to focus on the positive and shy away from anything that rocks that grateful feeling. I’ve learned the lesson many times, until it stuck.

Try an Art Class

Doom & gloom is harmful to your health. Get outside and look for beauty. That is what I did. If you need more joy, create it! Dig in the dirt 🌸 , grab a new recipe 🍽️ and cook/bake, buy some art supplies 🌈 and paint or search google for an art class near me, walk, run, kayak. Use your hands and your heart to create a better life for yourself, friends & family. That kind of superpower exists right inside of you! Who knew? I didn’t, until I did! Getting out of your comfort zone and using your creative process in an art class can be a simple, but effective way to find balance in your life.

how to find balance in life

Another key point you may want to consider when looking for a balance in life, sitting in front of the tv, the computer, stuck in a negative downpour of sad images/words is extremely harmful and can rock your subconscious to it’s core. Spouting off and regurgitating the negative messages, having them flow over your tongue and into the universe, only spreads more fear, panic and ill health to you and others around you. Yes, there is sorrow in the world, but there is also glory! Above all, look for the glorious in the mundane! All things considered, life is a blessing and you are here to be a loving participant in that life, if you choose.

Basically, we are all dealing with sh*t, it’s called living. Sometimes we must mourn our losses, learn our lessons and move forward with our lives. I’m not saying that it’s good to stuff that sadness down deep and not feel it. Feel the feels, but know when you are ready to move forward. We can create more sadness or we can create more happiness. If you get stuck in the sorrow and it’s affecting your well being, it’s a good time to reach for help. Therapy is amazing and I highly recommend it, especially if you’re feeling a lack of balance in your life.

One thing that helps me get out of wherever I’m stuck, is helping someone else. If you are learning how to find balance in life, this may be a great place to start.

Looking to Find Balance? Practice These…

Be kind.

Be helpful.

Be loving.

Be creative.

I’m sharing this to remind myself that I’m very powerful! I’m worthy of self love and not self sabotage and so are you. You are pure love. Feed that!!! See ya at the Studio! Let’s create the masterpiece of a life you want! Google art class near me or pottery class near me and get started. ArtSea Living has classes in studio and online. We are a click away! #artsealiving. Learning how to find balance in life is not an overnight achievement, but with love and support – it can be a fulfilling process. Come join the supportive ArtSea community!

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