TokyoMilk – Dead Sexy No. 6 Date Night Kit Tin Set


Product Description

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have everything you need for a hot date in a grab-and-go form? All you’d have to do is quickly change post-work, freshen up, and hop out the door. Seemingly a dream come true. 

Well, that’s what Tokyo Milk aims to do with this handy, all-in-one Dead Sexy Date Night in a tin set. Complete with a gorgeous, feminine floral print, this kit opens up to a 0.5 oz. Tokyo Milk rollerball and a full-size lip tint. 

The rollerball is filled with Tokyo Milk’s 06 perfume which is a dark, woodsy scent with floral notes to balance the sultry with the sweet. The perfume is sure to impress who you want it to, and has staying power, so a little will do you justice. 

The lip tint is in a tube so it’s easy to apply, without having to worry about liner!

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This set includes:

  • Dead Sexy Rollerball‭ Parfum .‬17‭ ‬fl oz
  • Lip Tint‭ .‬3‭ ‬oz

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