I find myself floundering with multitude of things that take my mind away from doing things I enjoy doing that enhance the wellness of my mind, body and spirit.  Instead, my mind races toward what I have to do vs what I actually love to do.

So I ask myself, Is setting aside time to CREATE art and making it a priority, giving myself permission to creatively flow, a daily PRACTICE: a SKILL I can improve on. Like a muscle we forgot we even had until we start working it? I say yes! The more we use it the easier and more natural it will become. 

I think of quantum physics, and how they say we can train our thoughts to create MORE of what we want. Repeatedly doing so will help to carve out our creative pathway (of least resistance) in our brain. 

IF we repeatedly choose it the easier it will become. ( Now hear me out before you think this is too weird.)The Theory of Quantum Physics is understanding our thoughts are ENERGY.  Positive thoughts attract positive thought and the reverse is also true, negative attracts negative.  In a word, like attracts like. 

Remember, remaining creatively stuck and uninspired will only perpetuate more time stuck and uninspired. (Uhhg) So, the sooner we shift our thoughts and ENERGY to creative expression, the more time we will spend CREATIVELY INSPIRED! Boom! Mike Drop!

Now it’s time to spend time enjoying YOUR creative expression!

Artsea Living Studio is a place where you will unleash the call to creativity and permission to start removing what blocks you and move forward in your artistic journey.

xx, Elle~ArtSea Living Team



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