There are so many reasons to create and to make art, and ArtSea Living Studio owner, Barb Lentz is a perfect ambassador for your creative journey. “Art is not only therapeutic, it’s essential,” Barb says, while cleaning up paintbrushes after one of her successful after-school classes in Boynton Beach, Florida. “Art is not only for children, it’s for everyone – adults and seniors alike.”

Indeed, art is inextricably linked to our human experience, and it is a huge stress reliever, according to scientific research. No matter what your skill level or experience, it is good for you in so many ways, beginning with improving mood, strengthening brain function, and even regulating hormones! According to the journal, Art Therapy, after just 45 minutes of creating art, the stress hormone called cortisol is lowered significantly. Creating art is also associated with reducing anxiety in students who often have to prepare for test-taking, as well as older adults who often need to care for ailing family members.

“Creating art is a wonderful way to put everything into perspective,” one of Lentz’s often-returning artists, Lorraine Brown has said. “After I begin to make a piece of jewelry, painting, or sculpture, I immediately feel less anxious.” Lentz agrees. Teaching art as well as making it brings Lentz great joy. “I find it to be an amazing confidence builder for my clients,” she says. “If anyone has ever been told that they can’t do something in the past, my classes are validation that you can indeed create whatever you want and find your hidden talents. I love to bring that out in my students.”

Brain chemistry is also aided by creating art. Incredibly, making visual art can improve neural connections and can create a harmonious connection between our external and internal worlds. Creating art is also incredibly therapeutic. Focusing on creating helps distract you from sadness and strife and gives some people the much-needed break from demanding work schedules. “Being in the ‘zone’ while creating art is a really nice self-help and self-care tool,” explains Lentz. You’ll be surprised how much you can ‘see outside the box’ after a class at ArtSea Living!

Your Art Space to Unwind and Create

Founded in 2003 by Lentz, ArtSea Living Studio hosts art classes, events, parties, and camps in Boynton Beach, FL. It is a wonderful place to relax, create, socialize, and connect to yourself and others. Classes for children as well as adults are offered all year round. Among the classes offered by ArtSea Living Studio are:

  • Clay sculpting
  • Mosaic creation
  • Storytelling collage
  • Clay hand building
  • Ceramic painting
  • Mixed media
  • Wine glass painting
  • ‘Junk’ journaling
  • Palette knife painting
  • And so much more!

For the calendar of after-school programs and inspirational programs, visit the ArtSea Living Studio calendar at for more information. If you want access to an “art studio near me,” it is located at 112 South Federal Highway, Studio #7, Boynton Beach, FL 33435 and is open by appointment or during classes and events only. Barb Lentz can be reached at 561-371-1009 or call the studio at 561-737-2600. We look forward to creating with you!